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An Off Beat Adventure Community

Talk to the Experts : +91-9911-891-961

Talk to the Experts : +91-9911-891-961


An Off Beat Adventure Community

An Off Beat Adventure Community

Kinnaur is one of the more scenic districts of Himachal Pradesh. The Sutlej River, which rises on the southern slopes of mount Kailash near Manasarovar Lake in Tibet, flows through the Kinnaur Valley. With a special travel permit, we pass through areas that were strictly forbidden to foreigners until 1993.

Spiti Valley, surrounded by the Kullu Valley in the south, Ladakh in the north and Tibet in the east, is nature at its wildest. In this incredible high mountain desert, Tibetans have kept their original culture.

We visit monasteries, palaces, temples and admire the snowcapped 7000 meter high surrounding peaks and eternal glaciers. ​

Total Duration of the trip: 11 Days
Place Covered : Manali-Chandrataal-Kaza-Kibber Village-Pin Valley National Park-Tabo Village-Nako Village-Kalpa-Sangla Valley-Rampur
Maximum Altitude : 15000ft-17000 ft.
Starting Point of the trek : Manali
Best time : May to October

Price vehicle for logistics and of course the company of many like-minded fellow riders with whom you can plan your future trips to other beautiful places in the world.

Per Person Cost



Fuel, Dual riders, Accomodation, MAP plan, 350 cc Royal Enfield


GST of 5% applicable by Indian government


Day 01: Manali Loval Discovery

  • Explore Hadimbba Temple
  • Bike allotment and driving skill sessions

Day 02: Manali to Chandrataal

  • After breakfast leave for Chandrataal
  • Chandrataal is the main source of of Chandra River
  • Explore near by areas of lake

Day 03: Chandrataal to Kaza

  • After breakfast move toward Kaza
  • Kaza is situated along the Spiti River
  • Kaza is the largest township and commercial centre of the valley

Day 04: Ride around Kaza

  • Visit key monastery, it is one of the largest monastery in Spiti Valley
  • It was established in the 11th century B.C.

Day 05: Kaza to Pin valley

  • Ride to Pin valley National Park
  • It was established in 1987 by government of India to save wildlife
  • We can find rare species around the park

Day 06 : Pin Valley to tabo Village

  • Tabo is an ancient village situated on the left bank of Spiti River.
  • The village is home to one of the most important Buddhist monasteries regarded as next to the Tholing Gompa in Tibet.
  • Dhankar Gompa which is calm and runs at its own pace like an ordinary hamlet.
  • Dhankar looks like a bowl-shaped structure in the hills.

Day 07: : Tabo to Nako Village

  • After breakfast we ride to Nako village crossing Sumdo village.
  • This lake is leveled at a height of 3662m (12,014 ft.) above sea level..
  • We will enter in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh

Day 08: Nako to Kalpa

  • The most impressive of all the terrestrial manifestation of God, Kalpa kindle to the religious consciousness standing like a devout worshipper waiting to be blessed.
  • The river hurtling through deep gorges, the winding mountain bordered by chilgoza forests and the serenity of this sleepy hamlet provides the most stunning pleasure retreat to a traveller.
  • Perched on the hilltop overlooking the Kinner Kailasa (the abode of God Shiva) and fed by Sutlej river Kalpa is a part of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

Day 9: Kalpa to Sangla Valley

  • Ride through the beautiful and remote region of Baspa valley following the immense Sutlej River, before arriving at Sangla Valley.
  • f a landscape had the powers of casting spells, then the Sangla valley would be an extraordinary magician.
  • Once seen, it is a place that can never be forgotten. Even the rushing waters of the Baspa river, that flow through its 95 km length, seem to absorb some of the magic and slows down to savor its snow-frame beauty.
  • You can simply wish to relax yourself at the hotel or go for a local discovery to Kamru fort at a distance of 2 km or to Chitkul village at the Indo-China Border.

Day 10: Sangla Valley to Rampur

  • Enter to Rampur, Part of Shimla District

Day 11: Rampur to Kullu Manali

  • Now we enter another distt. Kullu . and we cross Jalori Pass , shoja and Banjar Jalori pass join shimla to Kullu valley.
  • Shoja is a breathtakingly beautiful place. The mornings in Shoja are particularly invigorating.
  • Nature lovers can enjoy thick wooded hill slopes starting from bottom as far down or up or sideways or deep as one can look. Overnight at Manali.

  • Accommodation in Guest house/hotel in on MAP (breakfast & dinner)
  • Accommodation in Fixed Tented Camps
  • MAP basis (Room+Breakfast+Dinner.) Breakfast will start on 2nd day And Dinner will start from day one.
  • One support/ back-up vehicle (Mahindra Bolero camper) throughout the bike tour.
  • 350 CC Royal Enfield bike with fuel & helmet as per the itinerary.(Dual Rider)
  • One bike mechanic through the biking tour with spare parts.
  • Tour Guide & Entrances to place of visit & Restricted Area Permit and wildlife fee.
  • First aid kit entire tour
  • One time Bonfire during camping(based on permit and availability of wood)
  • One Helmet + Go Pro Camera for Bike leader to shoot video and pictures of the entire tour.
  • Delhi-Manali-Delhi Volvo Bus tickets

  • Any airfare & train fare apart from mentioned above in inclusion.
  • Travel & medical insurance.
  • Any rescue service expenses.
  • Accompanied paramedic/ doctor.
  • Main meal (lunch) throughout the tour.
  • Any personnel expenses like, biking gears (optional), drinks, bar & beverages, laundry,telephone, tips, donations, video camera fees, room service, and anything which is not included in the above.
  • GST of 5% is excluded in the itinerary cost.

Q 1- What will be the Labour Cost and Repair cost on trip?
A :For any Repair during the expedition no Labour cost will be charged and you will bear the cost to cost of the spare part that is being repaired or replaced.

Q 2: Waht will we do when the bike is not in a conditions to repair?
A :In case the bike is not repairable you will be handed over a certain bike so that your journey dont end midway and you ride until your bike gets repaired.

Q 3- Is there any Speed limit for whole trip?
A :The speed limit depends on the regions you cross during your overland mountain expedition. You will be handed over the speed chart and the guidelines once you step in Manali.

Q 4- Who will bear the damage to Bike, Insurance and Payable amount? (Important)
A :Read the below points to remove your doubts

  • The bikes are insured.In case of minute damage to the bike(restricted to categories identified by the us) no damage will be borne by you and we will take the damage upon them in good faith.The list of categories of damage will be handed over to you in Manali.
  • In case the bike is damaged to such an extent that it becomes expensive to repair the bike.The expenses of the repairs will have to be transferred to you and the you will have to pay the amount to settle the damage.
  • In case the Bike becomes totally non repairable, which means the bike has suffered huge damage and not in a state to recovered to use it further, the amount discussed upon further discussion with the insurance companies have to be borne by you.

Q 5 - How many people will share the accommodation?
A :All accommodation throughout the trip will be on twin sharing basis.

Q 6 - Is there an difference in cost for foreign nationals?
A : Prices, Inclusions and Exclusions are different for Foreign and Indian Nationals. Please read the Inclusion and Exclusion thoroughly before making the payment. All Payment solution is available securely by Net banking, International Debit and Credit Cards and Pay pal.

Q 7 - What all are the bikes will participants get?
A :We have mixed bikes but all are Royal Enfield

  • 350 CC Royal Enfield Classic
  • 350 CC Royal Enfield Electra
  • 350 CC Royal Enfield Standard

Q 8- What physical criteria will ensure Im fit enough to Do the Expedition?
A :Good overall fitness, flexibility, and healthy will ensure you complete the expedition safely and comfortably. Those with acute or chronic health conditions impacting their stamina, range of motion, coordination, or balance may have difficulty completing the expedition. If you are in doubt about your own physical readiness, consult a physician well in advance of booking your trip!

Q 9- What do I need to know about sun protection?
A :You will need to protect your skin with clothing and sunblock. A sunblock specifically for mountain conditions is recommended. If you wear prescription eyeglasses its recommend that you get your prescription fitted to sunglasses.

Q 10-What happens if I get sick or injured during the expedition ?
A :We take all possible precautions to proactively ensure the safety and wellness of our rider, but rest assured that our guides are trained and experienced in dealing with emergencies. Each guide is trained in first aid. In the case of altitude sickness, you will immediately be taken to a lower altitude. If necessary, your guide will rescue you to the nearest Satellite town.

Q 11-Are solo female travellers safe on Himalayan Expeditions?
A :We ensure the travel safety of all our guests, both male and female. Indian Himalayas, on the whole, is both very safe and welcoming of foreign visitors. We have longstanding, strong relationships with the lodges we frequent, and know them to be safe and reliable. In addition our guides are consistently mindful of all guests whereabouts while travelling. We travel in small groups, all the better to easily maintain continual contact.

Q 12-What communication options exist while Expedition?
A :It varies. Mobile coverage is expanding around the world rapidly, and the Himalayas are no different… did you know that 3G coverage is available all over Mount Everest? There is no guarantee of uninterrupted coverage.

Q 13-Can a participants consume Alcohol on trip?
A :We advice our participants not to do such type of activities as we are on trip that is not so easy, but participants dont listen our guides and do these activities and face problems on further trip. ​


  • 1 High Quality Winter Jacket
  • 3 High Quality Winter Fleece
  • 1 Rain Cover for Body
  • 2 Pair Warmers
  • 3 Pair Tre/Riding Pants

Other Essential

  • 1 Winter Cap
  • 1 Pair High QualityGloves
  • 1 Scarf and Muffler
  • 1 Trek/Riding Shoe
  • 1 Think Outer and Thin Inner Socks
  • 12 Pair: Change Socks Everyday
  • 1-Back Pack (50-70 lt.)
  • 1-Rain Cover For Bags
  • 1-Sandals Slippers for Evenings
  • 2-Insulated Water bottles


  • 2-Battery packs
  • 2 10000 MAH BATTERIES
  • 4-6 Camera Battery pack
  • 1-Head lamps

Toilet Essential

  • 1 Winter Face Creme/Sun Protection
  • 1 Face Wash
  • 1 Hand Sanitiser
  • 1 Deodorant

Riding Essentials

  • 1 High Quality Riding Gloves
  • 1 Barack Lava
  • 1 Pair Riding Arm Guard
  • 1 Pair Riding Knee Guard

Case 1- Cancellation from Customers end

  • 30% of the deposit amount if cancelled 30 days prior to trip start date.
  • 50% of the deposit amount if cancelled 20 days prior to trip start date.
  • 90% of the Full amount if cancelled 10 days prior to trip start date.

Case 2- Cancellation due to Natural Contingency,Political Turmoil, Disaster

  • No Money will be Refunded